Product & Service to be Provided:


We are available for CAD / Drafting / Illustration work as your consultant.

Among the services we provide are: 

"Mechanical Drafting / Engineering" part drawings for creation concept or sketch use.

(Alarm Strobe Shown at left)

Architectural Drafting:  plans / elevations / sections / details, sketches to working drawings, “as built” surveys of existing structures, using AutoCAD, Autodesk "Homestyler" or "Punch Home & Landscape"(Ranch Home Space Planing Concept Shown below)


Scan to PDF, JPG, or TIFF for mark-up, or true reverse engineering,

(I.E.: re-drawing existing plans to DWG)


Site Visits (New York, or New Jersey) for  on site measurements of existing conditions and                   digital photography of site.


The same would apply for Mechanical Drafting / Engineering, with the use of more precise instruments.


The core product or service that Fitz’ Digital Cad Service, L.L.C. is going  to provide will be the “Digital Replication of Drawings”. This can be done on site, after hours, in order not to interrupt the normal flow of work in your office, or off-site. Off-site, may require additional service in order to secure that documents are protected. Obviously, “on-site”, the documents will remain on the premises and in your possession.

Since this is a “Digital Service” the customer must be willing to provide a clean computer hard-drive, DVD, CD, or flash drive for the storage of their files. These items can be provided by “FDCS. L.L.C” for an additional fee.