Here are the donors, volunteers, and professional trainers FirstRides partners with to offer classes on learning to ride off-road motorcycles. Currently, all offerings are in central and northern California. Contact us to get your provider listed.



Abby Baldini - "Abby Dabby Do"

"Bicycle" Phil Bowman

Bungee Brent

Antonio Ceccato

Allen Collins

Terra Conlon

Charley Hatfield

Douglas Little

Mycah Miller

A.J. Murphy

Clay Murphy

Diter Oviedo

Stephanie Rico

Dave Simpson

Brandon Sonderegger

Jane Williamson

Mechanic instructors

Emma Booton

Diter Oviedo

Street teachers

Gerry Capatos

"Santa" Bob Hansen


Caroline Bokman

Miriam Moody

Jane Williamson


Ben Berliner

Stacey Carr

Howard James Shepherd

Kat Taylor

Emily Wakeman


Paolo Asuncion

Bungee Brent


S.J. Murphy

Ivan Thelin


Katrina Decker

Business sponsors

Cynthia Creech, DDS

Dubbelju Motorcycle Rentals

Elevation Bike Company

Fremont Honda Kawasaki Suzuki


Monster Energy

Mutiny Radio

RMC Moto

San Jose Motorcycle Club

San Francisco Motorcycle Club

Tokyo Moto

United MotoX Foundation

Individual donors

Gear/bike donors and lenders

Laura Julia

Nichole Murphy

Sarah Jane Murphy

Cash donors

FirstRides Trainer

Garrahan Off Road Training, taught by accomplished international racer Brian Garrahan, offers classes and personal instruction for any level of off-road motorcycle enthusiast. Brian typically teaches at either Carnegie State Park or Metcalf Motorcycle County Park.

Metcalf Motorcycle County Park

Other Trainers

Phil and Renee Anderson teach a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Dirt Bike Course at Carnegie State Park in the Tracy/Livermore area of northern California.

Located in the hills of eastern Alameda and western San Joaquin counties, Carnegie offers a variety of terrain over 1,300 acres.

Mike teaches classes at Hollister Hills State Park. About an hour south of San Jose, this state park has many trails suitable for new riders.