Our May 21st class is full! Apply for August 6th now.

We have our first coach certified by the United States Motorcycle Coaching Association!

We did another podcast April 21st.

Our March 13th class was a success! See the pics on Facebook.


Apply to have your children trained in 2022 now:

  • May 21st - now full!

  • August 6th

  • November 5th





See our training video from professional trainer Brian Garrahan of Garrahan Offroad Training to see what to expect.

Purpose is a non-profit organization aimed at increasing the number of safe motorcyclists in the world and reducing their risk. We serve the San Francisco Bay Area and can help others get set up around the country.

We do this by offering full scholarships to kids. Since the program is aimed at those who cannot afford to start riding on their own, no fees are charged at any time for children under 18. We supply the bikes, gear, and training.

Find our more about us.

Recommended bikes

Here are popular learning bikes and their weights so you may start your search for your own machines now:

  1. Razor (electric) 350/400 - 70lbs

  2. Yamaha PW50 and Suzuki JR50 - 89lbs

  3. Razor (electric) 500/650 - 98lbs

  4. Honda XR/CRF50 and Yamaha TTR50 - 110lbs

  5. Suzuki DRZ50 - 119lbs

  6. Suzuki DRZ70 - 121lbs

  7. Honda XR/CRF70 - 128lbs

  8. Yamaha TTR90 - 145lbs

  9. Honda XR80 - 152lbs

  10. Honda XR/CRF100 - 165lbs

  11. Kawasaki KLX110, Honda CRF110, and Yamaha TTR110 - 168lbs

  12. Yamaha TTR125 - 180lbs

  13. Kawasaki KLX140 - 205lbs

  14. Honda CRF150F - 236lbs

FirstRides is a chartered service promoter with the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA). Our events are sanctioned by and insured through the AMA.