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The River Foyle Press is working to become a new source of literary fiction, short stories, poetry, and educational theory."One cannot easily dismiss the iconic similarities between the cover of The Drool Room and Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. The starkly lit classroom, at once familiar yet ominous with all thefears that a young child holds about going into the strange world and Kubrick's fluorescent vision of terror. Terror doesn't hide in the dark here- as with little Danny, it's in the mind, front and center."And like Danny's infamous, "redrum" with it's dyslexic construction and backwards letters, The Drool Room's cover title lets you know that this is a child's terror. But where Danny had Tony, his imaginary friend who lived in his mouth and from whom he took his direction, our protagonist here, unnamed throughout, runs mostly solo through the suburban grid of New Rochelle."- Kurt Ochshorncontact