Welcome to the FewDoIt project

Online from January 2008

Who is behind this project?

A family of five: Michael Langerman, Victoria Langerman, Anastasia Langerman, Daniel Langerman and Eric Langerman.

The name of the project FewDoIt originated from three words: Few (the name of our cat), Do and It.

questions, comments, suggestions to: fewdoit@gmail.com

Tomorrow begins today. Make dreams come true, today.

Sharing is Caring

Knowledge (information, experience) comes first. Each of us uses knowledge to build a very personal unique world. Many personal worlds make one beautiful world we all live in together. We all have some knowledge. Everyone is using only a little part of what he or she knows. The biggest part of personal knowledge remains unused - unused until the person shares it with others. Other people may find ways to use that knowledge to make their personal worlds better. Our big and beautiful world gets better as each of our personal worlds gets better. Internet makes it easier to share knowledge with many people. Our world is getting better and better! Sharing is caring - caring for all and yourself!

Thank you for caring to share!

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