HOWTO: click the "View" under the filename and download the file on a new page by clicking the arrow at the top of the new page. — 11 MB. Drivers for Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1 and Win 10. — 20 MB.Complete package for version 2.0 including main files and drivers for XP and above. Alternative Link for Code:7m2h — 1 MB.For SSE2 CPU but not for XP. Need if no driver has been installed. — 1 MB. Lite2.004-SSE2only. An early release for SSE2 CPU. Improve the reception of long messages. Optimize the processing. — 1 MB.Lite2.101-SSE2only. For windows vista and above. New AISRec core 3.0. 2x faster than AISRec 2.0. You need airspy firmware-1.0.0-rc6 and above. Enjoy! — Allow hot plug-and-play for dongles and auto run at startup. How to: Enable/Disable the "Auto run" in the Demodulator Dialog. Update libraries. — Allow auto selection of the remembered device. To remember the device, select the device from the Serial comboList for once.