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Welcome back!!! We are excited to start a new year!

What Counselors Do

Our Character Education Theme for April is Honesty and Integrity!
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Teach Your Child Self-Discipline


Discipline Secret


Remember: Respect is a Two Way Street
Children learn about being respectful when they are treated with respect.  To set a respectful example for your child:
  • Be Calm.  When your chlid talks back, it's tempting to react strongly.  Use a calm response instead.  "I see that your're upset.  Let's wait to discuss this when you can speak respectfully.
  • Avoid Labels.  Saying, "You're so lazy" will not earn respectful behavior from your child.  It might even promote misbehavior.
  • Listen to your child.  When your child is talking, give her your full attention.  Don't let anything else interfere with your conversation.
  • Give positive attention.  Point out her respectful behavior.  Make a point of praising her.
  • Be accepting.  Respect your child's ideas and feelings--even if you can't relate to them.  If she's sad about losing a game, don't say, "It's not that important."