We are environmental engineers, environmental scientists and environmental microbiologists investigating microbial processes in natural and engineered systems, bioremediation, microbial activity in the atmosphere, and anaerobic digestion of wastes.

September 2019

left to right: Haider Almnehlawi, Kevin Dillon, Donna Fennell, and Rachel Dean

November 2017

left to right: Rachel Dean, Donna Fennell, Kevin Dillon, Amanda Luther (visiting former member), Valdis Krumins,

and Haider Salman Almnehlawi,

(not pictured: Joseph Dallmeyer, Cassidy Schneider, and Chloe Zhao)

Summer 2016

back left to right: Evan Lutz, Valdis Krumins, Haider Salman Almnehlawi, Kevin Dillon

front left to right: Donna Fennell, Rachel Dean, Jing Zhang, Riddhima Rao

(not pictured: Cassidy Schneider)

2015 from back left to back right:

Haider Salman Almnehlawi, Giovanni Ganendra, Amanda Luther, Cassidy Schneider,

Laura Girard, Donna Fennell, Mosam Bhatt, Sunirat Rattana and Valdis Krumins

2013 Left to right:

Valdis Krumins, Donna Fennell, Yun Li, Amanda Luther, Mpho Batlhophi, Sunirat Rattana

and Haider Salman Almnehlawi