Research statement

I use applied econometrics to better understand causes of social and spatial inequalities. As a result, much of my work is centered around education and human capital production (and policy). I also study the role of information and expectations in decision making in the two markets I consider key for inequality: education and housing markets. In on-going work, I also study local cultural learning and determinants of regional differences in gender norms or economic activity.

Education (and policy)

Peer effects in schools

Neighbourhood effects

Information, expectations and economic decisions


  • Immigration and the Evolution of Local Cultural Norms, with Sophia Schmitz (Federal Ministry of Finance, Germany), IZA DP12509, July 2019.

  • "When equality doesn’t make it indoors: Gender differences in market and non-market work in the GDR and reunified Germany", with Jan Berkes and Jonas Jessen (both DIW Berlin).