Registration for interscholastic sports is ONLINE with the exception of Section 5 and Section 6. Section 5 needs to be completed by a parent and Section 6 by a physician (Go to the Home Page for dates and times of physicals at school). Both forms are available to download below. If you do not have access to a computer, the Athletic Department would be happy to assist you.....just stop by. Please review the Athletic Handbook prior to registering online. Below are the links for Online registration at Family ID, Section 5, Section6 and the Athletic Handbook. Click on Family ID for detailed instructions to register.


CIPPE Form Section 5

CIPPE Form Section 6

Athletic Handbook

Please note: You need a hard copy of Section 5 and Section 6. Parents and students complete and sign Section 5. Fill in name, age, grade, school and sport on Section 6. Bring both forms to your physical. The physician will complete the rest of Section 6.


Riding the bus to and from meets is strongly encouraged.

The Fox Chapel Area School District’s Athletic Rules requires a student to ride the buses to and from all athletic events;

departure from this requirement will release the Fox Chapel Area School District from all liability for any adverse results.

In the event your child can not ride the bus, a TRAVEL RELEASE FORM must be completed and given to the coach 24 hours prior to that meet.