FCRCC Mixed Distance

The Mixed Distance program is one of the FCRCC Outrigger Programs designed for experienced paddlers who wish to race competitively in mixed gender Outrigger Distance races.

Our OC-6 practices are scheduled two to three times a week throughout the year under the guidance of our coach, together with paddling in OC-1 canoes on a self-directed basis as time permits.

Season Races comprise distance outrigger races (varying from 10km to 45km) ,with most distance races held during the summer months and most sprint races held during the shoulder seasons. Races are held both at home, on the waters of English Bay and on the road within British Columbia, Washingon State and further afield. We will also have a season goal race usually held at an international event as a main point of focus each year.

We race together under the name "E Holomua", as an expression both of our love of paddling, and a desire/imperative to improve/surpass our past endeavors.

More information on our canoes, equipment and membership can be found at the False Creek Racing Canoe Club website.

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