FCRCC Mixed Distance

The best stories start with the FCRCC Mixed Distance Outrigger program. This program is designed for a wide range of paddlers, from highly experienced competitors, to newer paddlers who strive for excellence.

Our group represents many ages, life experiences -- and personalities! We are bound together by our love of paddling, the ocean and each other. We race under the name E Holomua, a Hawaiian phrase meaning "improve." As our name suggests, we are in constant pursuit of surpassing our past accomplishments. Together, we aspire to find our inner strength and to build team awesomeness!

The small print reads: we aim to race competitively in co-ed OC-6 races, and we welcome paddling friends who are interested in gradually unleashing their strength with a repeat pattern of good old fashioned hard grind interrupted by fun times together.

There are races for everybody: shorter ones in the shoulder seasons, to 18km+ in mid-summer. Bring a sense of adventure and we will fill you in. Races are held on the waters of English Bay, on the road within British Columbia, Washington State, and further afield. We occasionally compete as far as Hawaii, where we also learn about outrigger traditions and their importance in Hawaiian culture.

Our OC-6 practices are scheduled two to three times a week throughout the year under the guidance of our coach. Our training program encourages individual and team improvement, and well-rounded skill development through OC-1 (solo canoe), strength-building, and cross-training. We work hard, and we have lots of fun together too.

Come try it, we are waiting for you!

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