Welcome to Chen Feng's Homepage 


I finished my Ph. D study in

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Tennessee, Knoxville 



B. S.,   Tongji University, Shanghai, P.R. China, 2001
M. S.,  Tongji University, Shanghai, P.R. China, 2004

My research lies primarily in numerical methods (DEM, FEM, CFD) and their applications  in Civil Engineering. I have done a lot of coding in my Master (Tongji University, Shanghai, China) and PhD (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) studies including several areas. This site is a review of my previous works in the Discrete Element Method, Finite Volume Method, Finite Element Method, and Computer Visualization Systems in engineering applications. 

For PhD thesis download, please click the DEM & CFD.

For recent work about DEM & CFD coupling, please visit ESyS-Foam on Launchpad.

For other information about other numerical codes, please click left panel.

Currently most of my time is spent on the DEM with the open source code YADE and ESyS-Particle on both Linux and windows platforms. 

If you are also interested in open source code, DEM, FVM or FEM programming and computer visualization systems you can contact me.