Francesco Fasani


Research interests: Labour, Migration, Crime, Microeconometrics


New Policy Paper (Apr 2020): Immigrant Key Workers: Their Contribution to Europe's COVID-19 Response (with J. Mazza); European Commission Note JRC120537; IZA PP 155 (revised version)

New WP: Lift the Ban? Initial Employment Restrictions and Refugee Labour Market Outcomes (with T.Frattini and L.Minale)

Research Project: Asylum Policies in Europe and the Refugee Crisis - Final Report

Academic year 2019-20: Visiting Scholar at Department of Economics - Bocconi University

Does Immigration Increase Crime? Migration Policy and the Creation of the Criminal Immigrant (2019) (with G. Mastrobuoni E. Owens and P.Pinotti), Cambridge University Press

Oct 2019: Italian National Qualification (Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale) as Full Professor of Economic Policy (13/A1) and Political Economy (13/A2)

If he saw an old man working he would say bitterly, "Look at dat old - keepin' able-bodied men out o' work"; or if it was a boy, "It's dem young devils what's takin' de bread out of our mouths." And all foreigners to him were "dem bloody dagoes" - for, according to his theory, foreigners were responsible for unemployment.

G.Orwell (1945) Down and Out in Paris and London

Contact details:

School of Economics and Finance - Queen Mary - University of London

E1 4NS, 327 Mile End Road, London, UK

telephone: +44 020 7882 5869

email: f.fasani (at) qmul (dot) ac (dot) uk