Farida Enikeeva, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor (Maître de Conférences)

University of Poitiers

Laboratory of Mathematics and Its Applications

Laboratoire de Mathématiques et Applications

Site du Futuroscope - Téléport 2

11 Boulevard Marie et Pierre Curie

Bâtiment H3 - TSA 61125

86073 Poitiers Cedex 9


E-mail: farida.enikeeva [at] math [dot] univ-poitiers.fr

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I obtained my PhD degree in Probability and Statistics at Moscow State Univiersity in 2002. I have made a two-year postdoc in EURANDOM (the Netherlands), another two-year postdoc at Queen's Univiersity (Canada) before coming to France where I have spent 3 years as a postdoc at INRIA Grenoble, LJK and as ATER in Ensimag (Polytech Grenoble). Since 2014 I have a permanent position at the Univiersity of Poitiers. I am also holding a research position at the Institut for Information Transmission Problems (Moscow, Russia).

Research interests

  • Change-point problems

  • Non-parametric estimation and hypothesis testing

  • High-dimensional statistics

  • Statistical methods in bioinformatics

  • Statistical methods in security

Recent published and submitted papers

  • F. Enikeeva, A. Munk, M. Pohlmann, and F. Werner, Bump detection in the presence of dependency: Does it ease or does it load?, Bernoulli, 26(4):3280-3310, 2020 PDF

  • J.-M.Bardet, V.Brault, S.Dachian, B.Sausserau, and F.Enikeeva [editor], Change- point detection, segmentation, and related topics, ESAIM: Proceedings and Surveys, 68: 97–122, 2020 PDF

  • F. Enikeeva, Z. Harchaoui, High-dimensional change-point detection under sparse alternatives, Annals of Statistics, 47(4):2051–2079, 2019

  • F. Enikeeva, A.Munk, and F. Werner, Bump detection in heterogeneous Gaussian regression, Bernoulli, vol. 24(2):1266-1306, 2018 PDF

See the complete list of publications here.

Current Work

  • Adaptive tests for polynomial regression against a general alternative, with T. Krivobokova (University of Vienne) and P. Serra (University of Amsterdam)

  • High-dimensional change-point detection from indirect observations, with A. Juditsky (LJK, Grenoble)

  • Testing the change in mean for long-range dependent data, with M. Clausel (University of Lorraine) and F. Roueff (Telecom ParisTech)


I am the head of the 1st year of Master program in Statistics for Life Sciences of the University of Poitiers.

I am currently teaching the Master level courses in Nonparametric Statistics, Statistical inference, Data Mining, Data Analysis and Machine Learning.