Useful Resources for Students

Resources for Improving Technical Writing Skills

Simulators for Wireless Networks

Miscellaneous Tools

  1. Orange Data Mining

  2. Anaconda for Data Science

Resources for Learning Algorithmic Game Theory


Video Lectures and Online Courses

      1. Game Theory - 1 (Coursera)

      2. Game Theory 101 by William Spaniel [good for learning basics] - (Youtube)

      3. Video lectures by Dr. Selçuk Özyurt

        1. Game Theory (Webpage , Youtube) [for students with no prior knowledge of game theory]

        2. Advanced Game Theory - (webpage, Youtube) [for students with basic understanding of game theory]

      4. An Introduction to Game Theory by Aditya Jagannatham (Youtube)

      5. Algorithmic Game Theory by Tim Roughgarden (Youtube)