Fahad's Homepage

I am an associate professor in the computer science department at Tufts University. My research interests span networking and distributed systems. My current interests include cloud and mobile systems, wide area networking, and future Internet architectures. I am also interested in designing technologies for social impact (autistic contexts, civic participation, developing regions, etc). My students and I are part of the NAT(Networking At Tufts) group.

Earlier, I completed my PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, a post-doc from Microsoft Research, UK, and undergrad from LUMS. I was also a visiting professor at LUMS in Fall 2011. 

Note for Tufts undergrads: If you are interested in doing research with me, please shoot me an email. I have ongoing projects in mobile computing, cloud and data center networking, Internet architecture and protocols, and technologies for social impact. 

Professional Service

NSDI 2022 (TPC ||  ACM SoCC 2022 || ICNP 2021 (TPC) || ACM SIGCOMM 2020 Poster Session (TPC) || NENS 2019 (Co-Chair) || ACM CoNext 2018 (TPC) || SoCC 2018 (TPC) || ACM ICN 2018 (Travel Grant Co-Chair) ||ACM Turing 50th Conference (Deputy Program Chair) || SIGCOMM Mentoring Co-Chair (2015, 2016, 2017) || SOCC 2017 || NENS (co-organizer) (2015, 2016) || SIGCOMM CCR Area Chair 2015-16 || PAM 2016 || ICNP 2015 || ANCS 2015 || ICNP 2014


Spring 2023 - CS-185: Computing for Developing Regions (regularly offered since Spring 2016)

Fall 2022 - CS112: Networks  (regularly offered since Fall 2014)

Other Courses

Spring 2016 - COMP150: Rethinking the Internet Architecture 

Fall 2014 - COMP 150: Cloud Computing

Research Projects:

- Improving Performance of Cloud Systems

    DAS [CoNext'19]

    2D [CoNext'18]

    Past: Baraat [SIGCOMM'14a], PASE [SIGCOMM'14b]

Wide Area Networking and Future Internet Architectures

    ReWAN [CoNext''20, HotNets'15]

    SlackStack [SIGCOMM-CCR'18]

    Past: XIA, Tapa

- Technologies for Social Impact

    Free Communication Using Missed Calls [CHI'2020]

    Augmented Reality for Collaboration (CSCW 2021, CHI'19-late breaking work)

    Augmented Reality for Autism (ASSETS 2022)

Selected Publications (full list)

"Network Resource Management as a Database Problem"

Hafiz Mohsin Bashir, Abdullah Bin Faisal, and Fahad R Dogar

ACM SoCC 2022.

Designing a Customizable Picture-Based Augmented Reality Application For Therapists and Educational Professionals Working in Autistic Contexts

Tooba Ahsen, Christina Yu, Amanda O'Brien, Ralf W Schlosser, Howard C Shane, Dylan Oesch-Emmel, Eileen T Crehan, and Fahad Dogar


The Effects of Network Outages on User Experience in Augmented Reality Based Remote Collaboration - An Empirical Study

Tooba Ahsen, Zi Yi Lim, Aaron Gardony, Holly Taylor, J P de Ruiter, and Fahad Dogar

"Judicious QoS using Cloud Overlays"

O Haq, C Doucette, JW Byers, and Fahad R. Dogar

ACM CoNext 2020

"MissIt: Using Missed Calls for Free, Extremely Low Bit-Rate Communication in Developing Regions"

Fahad R Dogar*, Ihsan Ayyub Qazi*, Ali Raza Tariq, Ghulam Murtaza, Abeer Ahmad, and Nathan Stocking

ACM CHI 2020 (* - joint lead/contact authors)

"Reducing Tail Latency Using Duplication: A Multi-Tiered Approach"

Hafiz Mohsin Bashir, Abdullah Bin Faisal, Muhammad Asim Jamshed, Peter Vondras, Ali Musa Iftikhar, Ihsan Ayyub Qazi, and Fahad R Dogar

ACM CoNEXT 2019. arXiv version 

"Workload Adaptive Flow Scheduling"

Abdullah Bin Faisal, Hafiz M Bashir, Ihsan A. Qazi, Zartash Uzmi, and Fahad R. Dogar


"Towards Slack-Aware Networking"

Fahad R. Dogar 


"Measuring and Improving the Reliability of Wide-Area Cloud Paths"

Osama Haq, Mamoon Raja, and Fahad R. Dogar

WWW 2017

"Load Balancing Over Symmetric Virtual Topologies" 

Syed M. Irteza, Hafiz Mohsin Bashir, Talal Anwar, Ihsan Ayyub Qazi, Fahad R. Dogar

IEEE Infocom 2017

"Towards a Redundancy Aware Network Stack for Data Centers"

Ali Musa Iftikhar, Fahad R. Dogar, and Ihsan Ayyub Qazi

ACM HotNets 2016

"Leveraging the Power of Cloud for Reliable Wide Area Communication"

Osama Haq and Fahad R. Dogar

ACM HotNets 2015

"Friends, not Foes -- Synthesizing Existing Transport Strategies for Data Center Networks

Ali Munir, Ghufran Baig, Syed Irteza, Ihsan Qazi, Alex Liu, and Fahad R. Dogar 


"Decentralized Task-aware Scheduling for Data Center Networks"

Fahad R Dogar, Thomas Karagiannis, Hitesh Ballani, and Ant Rowstron

ACM SIGCOMM 2014. slides

"Architecting for Edge Diversity: Supporting Rich Services Over an Unbundled Transport"

Fahad R Dogar and Peter Steenkiste

ACM CoNext 2012

"XIA: Efficient Support for Evolvable Internetworking"

Dongsu Han, Ashok Anand, Fahad R. Dogar, Boyan Li, Hyoentaek Lim, Michel Machado, Arvind Mukundan, W. Wu, A. Akella, Dave Andersen, J Byers, Srini Seshan, and Peter Steenkiste

Usenix NSDI 2012. 

"XIA: An Architecture for an Evolvable and Trustworthy Internet",

Dongsu Han, Ashok Anand, Fahad R. Dogar, Boyan Li, Hyoentaek Lim, Michel Machado, W. Wu, A. Akella, Dave Andersen, J Byers, Srini Seshan, and Peter Steenkiste

ACM Hotnets 2011. 

"Catnap: Exploiting High Bandwidth Wireless Interfaces to Save Energy for Mobile Devices",

Fahad R. Dogar, Peter Steenkiste, and Dina Papagiannaki

ACM MobiSys 2010

"Ditto: A System for Opportunistic Caching in Multi-Hop Wireless Mesh Networks" 

Fahad R. Dogar, Amar Phanishayee, Himabindu Pucha, Olatunji Ruwase, and David Andersen