Research seminar in sparsity

Coordinator: Francisco Gómez J PhD.

Research group: Complexus

Class time: Thursday 2:00 to 3:00 pm


Seminar description:

Signal acquisition and reconstruction is in the hearth of signal processing. Study of signal representation is a paramount important problem for this discipline. A sparse representation accounts for most information of a signal with an small combination of elementary signals called atoms. The concept of sparsity is the very base of the sucessful of Fourier Wavelet transforms and Singular Value Decomposition. The ideas of sparsity build the foundation of wavelets and have deep conections with the learniability of estimators in machine learning.

In this seminar we are going to study the basis of these representation. In particular, we are going to study seminal work about sparsity, dictionary learning and compressed sensing. We are going to cover also lastest advances in discriminative dictionary learning, co-sparsity and deep learning.

During the seminar we will also to provide some key issues about research: literature review, oral presentation and research work presentation.





Introduction to sparsity and dictionary learning (Francisco Gómez PhD - U. Central)


Sparsity algorithms - Matching pursuit (Jorge Victorino MSc - U. Central)


Dictionary learning - KSVD algorithm (Jorge Victorino MSc - Francisco Gómez PhD - U. Central)


Regression with sparsity - LASSO Algorithm (Roger Guzman Eng., - U. Nacional)


Regression with sparsity II - LARS Algorithm (Roger Guzman Eng. - U. Nacional) 


Norm inducing sparsity (Javier Guaje Eng - U. Nacional )


Feature selection based on nested-leave-one-out cross validation and the Friedman test (Juan Molina - U. Central)


Compressed sensing (Jorge Rudas Eng - U. Nacional)


Co-sparsity (Hugo Franco PhD - U. Nacional)



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