I am Professor in the Mathematics Department of the University of Connecticut

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Research partially funded by the National Science Foundation DMS-1901315

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Research areas:

  • Heat kernels, Dirichlet forms and Functional inequalities

  • Riemannian, Kahler and sub-Riemannian geometry

  • Stochastic analysis, Rough paths theory

Short Bio:

1996-2000: Ecole Normale Superieure Paris-Saclay (ENS Cachan)

2000-2002: Phd in Mathematics at the University Paris 7, France, Advisors: Marc Yor, Huyen Pham

2002-2003: Three months postdoc at the University of Barcelona, Spain, Mentor: David Nualart

2003: Six months postdoc at the University of Vienna, Austria, Mentor: Josef Teichmann

2003-2008: Maitre de conferences at the University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France

2008-2012: Associate Professor at Purdue University

2012-2016: Full Professor at Purdue University

2016-: Full Professor at the University of Connecticut


Department of Mathematics

University of Connecticut

341 Mansfield Road

Storrs, CT 06269-1009

Office: 338 MONT Building

Phone: 860-486-8009

E-Mail: fabrice.baudoin [at] uconn [dot] edu