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Gravity Simulator - Last Update: 18-Jul-2007


Gravity Simulator





Gravity Simulator is a program (currently only for Windows) that simulates the force interation between bodies (gravity).

It is still in early pre-alpha stage... :)

I will release the source on SourceForge, but only after I clean and make it a little easier.

Download for your personal use, send me suggestions, ideas, links.

If you are a C++ developer and are willing to help, send me an e-mail.


18-July-2007: Update 4

Bug fixes, lots of speed improvements for the gravity fields and one more field option.


17-July-2007: Update 3

Bug fixes, some speed touches, anti-aliasing for the lines.


17-July-2007: Individual Velocity and Acceleration Display

Now you can indivually select each object to display it's velocity and acceleration vector.


17-July-2007: Gravity Field Vectors Display

This new version can display the direction of the gravity field, it is the nicest feature so far, seeing the field change while the simulation is running and how far the gravity of jupiter reaches.


12-July-2007: New Version with Velocity and Acceleration Vector Display

This new version has the option to display the velocity and acceleration vectors and fixed a couple of bugs.


09-July-2007: New version with Gravity field

The new version has a better Gravity field button, with very nice information.












From the moon seeing the sun and the Earth:

Seeing the earth:

The Gravity accelaration field around the earth and the moon in 2D: