Full Professor of Economics at the Université Paris-Saclay (Univ Evry), researcher at the EPEE and member of the Labex MME-DII and of the network TEPP.

Scientific Advisor at the CEPII

Chair of the scientific committee of Theories and Methods in Macroeconomics (T2M)

Head of the Master Finance Université Paris-Saclay

Contact: fabien.tripier@univ-evry.fr; fabien.tripier@gmail.com

Curriculum vita

What's new

New policy publication on "Sectoral Reallocations, Real Estate Shocks and Productivity Divergence in Europe: a Tale of Three Countries" (with T. Grjebine et J. Héricourt) CEPII Policy Brief 27 & EconPol Policy Report 15

New working paper on the effect of Uncertainty on cross-border investments based on firm-level data (with R. Cezar and T. Gigout ). Revise and resubmit to Journal of International Money and Finance.

New version of the working paper Regime-dependent effects of uncertainty shocks: a structural interpretation (with S. Lhuissier) Banque de France WP #714 which has previously circulated as Do Uncertainty Shocks always Matter for Business Cycles? (CEPII WP 2016-09). Revision requested by Quantitative Economics.


fabien.tripier "at" univ-evry.fr

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