Annual membership fee (Individual/Family): $20

(Proceeds are use to maintain sites at Keho, cut the grass and pay for services)

Payments or donations can be made using the following methods:

- Interac Email Money Transfer to

- Cash to any executive members

- Cheque to:

Force10 Boardsailing Club

Box 412

Nobleford, AB T0L 1S0


The Force10 Boardsailing Club is dedicated to providing and facilitating a communication conduit between recreational water users and Alberta Environment on Southern Alberta Lakes. The club is also committed to encouraging safety and preservation of both the environment and the people who use it. See our history.


In an effort to maintain site access, please try to leave sites a bit better than you found them, pack out what you pack in, that includes garbage broken equipment and dog droppings.



KEHOKIPA: North east shore, Advanced to expert, sand and rock launch, large steep ramps and waves break close to shore, nasty side current and beach break when winds are from SW above 80 km, excellent spectator viewing. Site used to be leased to FORCE 10 BOARDSAILING CLUB from the Alberta government.

GRANARIES: North shore 1 km west of KEHOKIPA across from the 6 steel granaries, known as “girls beach” or “scaredy cat beach”. Beginner to advanced, sandy bay, flat water launch protected by old road point to the west, nice thick waves about 200 meters out , not as steep as KEHOKIPA but great to ride, shallow waist deep water for 75 meters out and all the way down to KEHOKIPA. Excellent site for beginner day’s and experts especially on those really big 100 km SW wind day’s when KEHOKIPA closes out. DAY USE ONLY. Tall grass rigging. Do not use this site if ground it wet as you will get stuck.

KITE BEACH: North shore, 2 km west of KEHOKIPA via dirt access road (east of rock causeway). Excellent kite launch, shallow water, large rigging area.

SANDY BEACHES: North shore, 1.5 km to 2 km east of KEHOKIPA. A few trees, long sandy beach and probably the tallest, thickest, nicest shaped waves on Keho 100 to 300 meters off shore. DANGER, stay away from the outlet! Access east of duck pond on dirt path or west of outlet road on dirt path.

SPEED SITE: Southwest corner, access via orange NAVTACH hay barns. This used to be the location of the annual KEHO CANADIAN SPEED TRIALS held each May long weekend. SW and West winds blow off shore here creating flat water even in 100km winds. An early season site, weeds tend to grow in the shallow water by August.

BOAT LAUNCH: South shore, directly across from KEHOKIPA. If there is a North onshore wind try this site for a real treat of semi hollow big waves that can wrap around the long rock jetty. Launch West of the jetty.