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Eyal Mozes is a software engineer specializing in computational biology, and an independent scholar. He lives in Bethesda, MD. He is originally from Israel, and has lived in the USA since 1987. He has been involved in the Objectivist movement since the early 80s.

Philosophy of Mind

Is there a rational basis for determinism? Examination of the debate of determinism vs. free will, and of the various arguments that have been raised to support determinism.

Review of John Searle's The Rediscovery of Mind A five part analysis and critique of Searle's book defending a non-materialist approach to the mind. A later, published version of this article can be found on the Objectivity archives (note that this link contains image of all 138 pages of the magazine in one page, and has a size of 28M).

Review of Antonio Damasio's Looking for Spinoza The strengths and the weaknesses of Damasio's theories on the nature and role of feelings.


Theory-loadedness and a theory of concepts A discussion of Objectivism's relevance to solving the philosophic problem of the alleged theory-loadedness of perception.


Life as the standard of value A critical analysis of the neo-Aristotelean approaches to the foundations of ethics, with a special emphasis upon Objectivism's standing within this school. A later, published version of this article can be found in Objectivist Studies no. 3 (also available online), as commentary on Rod Long's paper "Reason and Value: Aristotle vs. Rand".

Reply to Ari Armstrong - Armstrong has posted a reply to the above essay; this is my follow-up reply.

Poul Anderson's "the sharing of flesh" and the Objectivist ethics An analysis of the short story from the point of view of the Objectivist ethics.

The free rider issue: an Objectivist view An analysis of the free rider issue, and a critique of David Kelley's argument on this point in "Unrugged Individualism".


Exposing Sowell’s immigration evasions Sadly The Atlasphere have chosen, inexplicably and in contradiction to their stated mission, to publish a piece of collectivist anti-immigration propaganda by Thomas Sowell. This article analyses the evasions and fallacies in Sowell's column.


Rand's tolerance towards different artistic tastes Was Ayn Rand actually intolerant of different aesthetic tastes? A look at the evidence.


A tribute to Oz a profile of Oz Mozes, Eyal's late brother, and his heroic battle with ALS.

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