ExploraDance! -- with Rick & Carol
Carol and Rick dancing at the Colorscape Chenango Arts Festival

Photo by Kathryn Rutz  (for the Colorscape Chenango Arts Festival)

We're Rick Lightbody and Carol Johnson. And we can provide you or your group with versatile, innovative instruction in a variety of partner dance forms.  Our most frequently taught forms are rotary waltz and cross-step waltz; nightclub two-step; East Coast swing and West Coast swing; and salsa, cha-cha, and other Latin dances.  But we're also well-versed in many other styles, including blues dance, hustle, and a variety of traditional and folk dances such as polka, schottische, hambo, etc.  Our home base is Ithaca, NY, from which we travel widely and frequently for dance activities within the Northeastern U.S., and occasionally beyond.  To learn more about our backgrounds, please click on "About Us," above.