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Exodemic Fictional Universe

Science Fiction
In the Exodemic Fictional Universe there are many other worlds besides Earth that gave rise to living organisms. Some of those other planets evolved human-like life forms long ago. Some of those extraterrestrials managed to thrive and visit Earth long ago.

A fundamental question that is raised and explored within the Exodemic Fictional Universe is how imperfect biological life forms (such as humans) can harness the power of tools and technology without causing their own destruction. That destruction can happen in two fundamentally different ways:

1) a technologically advanced civilization destroys itself, leaving little behind except the cockroaches or maybe some gray goo.

2) a civilization makes use of technology to create a new form of life and the older, original life form dies out.

In either case, such civilizations might have little potential for interacting with humanity. Life forms that become involved with purposefully designing their own descendants might evolve into beings with interests that we can not imagine and they might loose interest in primitive creatures like we humans.

The road less traveled
The Exodemic Fictional Universe is particularly concerned with a third possibility. Is it possible that some human-like life form might find a way of stabilizing its civilization at a technological level that is not much different from our own? Might such a stable civilization manage to spread between the stars, eventually reaching Earth? If so, what might be their standard protocol for interacting with the native life forms on a planet like Earth?

I imagine that such a long-lived space faring civilization would have a set of rules or principles to guide their interactions with other life forms.
Here are some examples of stories set in the Exodemic Fictional Universe.
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