** Update 14 March 2013: I am in the process of creating online surveys in addition to the downloadable PDF files so surveys can be carried out both online and offfline. ***

Welcome to our Electronic Waste Profiling Survey website. Here you'll find everything you need to perform your own survey and understand why and how this kind of survey can be useful. We live in an age of rapidly obsolete electric and electronic goods, and across the globe we are collectively generating an incredible volume of e-waste. Many regions have not yet begun to assess how much of this waste is present and are unable to make good environmental decisions because of the lack of information. The aim of the survey is to uncover the levels and composition of waste in places without good data.

The survey is meant to be anonymous and intended to do basic profiling of household electronic waste for a certain geographic area. On the site, you'll find two easy to use tools:

1) A printable form for a door to door household level survey to get a project up and running immediately.
2) Instructions on forming a team to perform the survey as well as a good selection of frequently asked questions on e-waste.

There is also a sample size calculator, a method for estimating the time required for the survey and some helpful links.

Benefits of the Survey

a) E-waste is a growing issue, both because safe disposal and re-use of electrical and electronic goods is in its infancy and also because there are still many areas of the world which have no sense of the volume or composition of their waste. It is hoped that by using this survey a clearer picture of the world's e-waste will begin to emerge.

b) The survey enables any organization or individual to drill down into the data, to discover the types and distribution of electrical and electronic equipment throughout the area. The amount and working condition of the electronic waste over the entire survey zone can be measured and used for further analysis and calculation.

c) The survey is ready to use, but if you need to make alterations it is easily customized. In any area for which no data exists, the survey can be rapidly deployed to fill the information gap. 

Data Compatibility

The survey form data is compatible with the product classifications recommended by the United Nations University (homepage) and the STEP (homepage) program. Data from this survey can be used with the tools and methodologies developed by these organizations. 

Who Can Benefit?

Municipal authorities, students or NGOs who might want to conduct this type of survey to:

- Address a lack of data for decision making or to present a report.

- Assess recycling and disposal needs.

- Look at commercial opportunities in e-waste.

The information requested may also be useful to firms and/or individuals who are planning or actually collecting e-waste from selected local sources, segregating e-waste into commercially viable categories for further processing and those who would process the e-waste. 

Survey Goal

The goal of this website is to provide tools and instructions for a group of people to conduct an anonymous household level e-waste profiling survey. The data collected can be used for a whole range of environmental, scientific, government and commercial purposes.

Survey Results
The survey produces results that details the amount of usable and unusable electronic waste in a given area. The results can then be utilized to estimate quantity of goods, the type of electronics in addition to the insights around the quantity and weight of the waste.

Additionally, one can gain insights and co-relations around the income level and type of waste, the number of people in a household and the type and quantity of waste that they may have. The templates in the downloads section will give you easy to use tools to enter the survey information.

Some sample information that can be gathered: Number of Computer PC products in the households.

In a household, what kind of electronic waste exists:

Requirements & Team

The survey is very easy to manage. To undertake it you will need a few volunteers, at least one person who will be the survey organizer and one data collector and entry person. The survey can be done by door to door interviews, by posting the survey forms or by using family or friends to help distribute, collect and return the completed survey forms. Usually once the sample size is calculated, the survey and instruction sheet needs to be printed out. In addition, once the sample survey is filled out, the volunteers can start distributing the survey. 


Please email hrishi at hrishikeshballal dot net or visit my site at www.hrishikeshballal.net for further information.