At Evans Auto Sales, we believe that buying a used vehicle does not mean buying somebody else's problems. As such ,we put all our vehicle through a vigorous mechanical inspection before we offer them for sale.

    1. We inspect and replace timing belts, water pumps, crank shaft seals and camshaft seals. Oil pump seals, rear main seals, radiators and thermostat are also replaced on most of our vehicles.

    2. We inspect and replace spark plugs and spark plug wires, distributors and rotors. Valve cover gaskets and oil pan gaskets, motor oil, air and oil filter are also inspected and replaced.

    3. We inspect and replace motor mounts, exhaust pipes and mufflers, cv axles, shocks and struts. Clutch assembly and pressure plates are always replaced when needed.

    4. The entire brake system is inspected starting with pads and shoes, rotors and drums. Brake hoses, calipers and wheel cylinders. The entire lighting system and safety system.

    5. We also inspect and replace transmission fluid, differential grease and wheel bearings. Head gasket and valve stem seals.

    6. All the receipts for the replacement parts are well filed for future claims and warranty and presented to our customers.