This is a legacy website. Please visit my new personal page: evangelinereynolds.netlify.com.

Currently based in Dresden Germany, I am currently conducting research for the Violence Prevention Research Program at the University of California Davis and am lecturing at TU Dresden's Center for International Studies and Department of International Relations. I currently teach on international organizations and data science for political analysis. My dissertation won 2018 Burkholder Award for Best Dissertation in the Political Science department of the University of Illinois. I study effectiveness of international institutions and law especially in the areas of security, trade, and human rights. More broadly, my areas of study have been International Relations, Methodology, Comparative Politics and Latin American Politics. I conducted my field research in Brazil in the Federal House of Deputies. My dissertation focused on compliance with supranational law, using UN Security Council resolutions as my principle case.

Learning and using data analytic tools was also an integral part of my PhD studies. In 2013, I began to work as a statistics consultant, at the Applied Technologies of the Arts and Science (ATLAS), and then in 2015 took on the assignment of Methods TA in my home department of Political Science in 2015. In these roles, I providing assistance and expertise both to undergraduate and graduate students. At ATLAS the application was broad and fields in the Language Arts and Sciences College and in my department application was narrowed to questions of politics.

I have been awarded the Fulbright Fellowship (Argentina 2008), Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships (2009-2011), Nelle Signor Travel Fellowship (Brazil 2011) and have participated in specialized workshops including the Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models (EITM) (2010), Public Policy and Nuclear Threats (2013), the Berkeley Institute for Transparency in the Social Sciences (2015) workshops, the Zurich Summer School for Women in Political Methodology (2017), and the Lorentz Workshop 'Empirical Research on International Organizations' (2018).

Previously, I've worked at the U.S. Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security in Chemical and Biological Export Controls and have researched at the Chemical Engineering Division of Argonne National Laboratory.

Recent Publications:

Attitudes toward Consent-Based and Non-Consent-Based International Law in a Regional Power Context E Reynolds, AJSN De Oliveira, J Onuki, MS Winters International Interactions, 1-20

Foreign aid funnel? A placebo-based assessment of aid flows to non-permanent United Nations Security Council members EM Reynolds, MS Winters Research & Politics 3 (1), 2053168015626167