We at EuroQST value your career development.  It's for this reason that we offer training courses across subject areas such as software requirements engineering and software testing. 
Certified Agile Testing (CAT) 

You should choose CAT if you are...

• moving into an Agile project performing testing activities

• already performing testing activities in an Agile project who wish to increase their effectiveness

• interested in the testing activities within Agile, such as Managers, SCRUM Masters and Developers
Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE) 

You should choose CPRE if you are...

• already working as business analyst in software projects

• interested in becoming a business analyst for software projects
 Certified Agile Essentials  

The Agile Essentials training & certification program is aimed at anyone involved in agile projects who wants to become familiar with working in an agile environment. This includes Project Managers, Quality Managers, Software Development Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, Testers, IT Directors and Management Consultants.


  •  Value the principles behind the Agile Manifesto and its approach to software development
  •  Appreciate the roles within an agile team
  •  Understand how to contribute as an agile team member to quantifiable requirements
  •  Apply whole team quality methods to ensure Acceptance Criteria are met
  •  Appreciate the importance of effective Iteration Reviews and how to contribute to continuous improvement through retrospectives

 The training consists of a 2 days course in the classroom, followed by the optional exam in the 3’th day.


For details about the price of the training courses, please contact EuroQST at