ETICA stands for 'Ethical Issues of Emerging ICT Applications'

This website contains information about the ETICA project. You are invited to look at the deliverable, publications, consortium member and other useful information.

The ETICA project was a research project on "Ethical Issues of Emerging ICT Applications" funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme (GA 230318). It ran from April 2009 to May 2011. ETICA's main objective was to identify ethical issues of emerging technologies and their potential application areas in order to analyse and evaluate ethical issues arising from these. On this basis, ETICA has developed recommendations on how to engage with the ethics of emerging ICT in a proactive and acceptable manner.

The findings of the project led to a number of follow-on projects. Many of the results were fed into the UK EPSRC funded project on a "Framework for Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT" The main output of this project, which includes some of the ETICA findings is the

Observatory for RRI in ICT

Here are some of the most important outputs of the project:

  • ETICA / STOA policy brief
  • The ETICA Magazine
  • EU Publication on Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT, including a chapter on ETICA

Below is a poster advertising the project final event, which took place in the European Parliament in Brussels on 31 March 2011.