Welcome to the companion site to my lectures on ‘Helping and Harming’ (Part IB Ethics) and ‘Well-being’ (Part II Ethics). The topics covered will be:

Weeks 1-2: Poverty and beneficence
Week 3: Abortion
Week 4: Climate change

Weeks 5-6: Theories of wellbeing
Week 7: Disability
Week 8: Incommensurability

In each case, I’ll both go over the core issues and also, as a complement to the core reading, introduce work on these topics done by philosophers in the effective altruism community.  In weeks 1 and 5 I’ll also talk briefly about how to do philosophy well, including essay and exam technique.

I strongly encourage Part II students who are going to the four lectures on Well-being to also attend the first four lectures on Helping and Harming; many of the issues discussed in those lectures are relevant to the Part II syllabus.