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Competitor Lists for use with Sailwave

This is a program for use with the excellent Sailwave program produced by Colin Jenkins.   It is supplied Free of charge in the hope that other Sailwave users will find it useful.


Sailwave includes the ability to print Competitor lists - so why this program? 


This program adds some features currently not available in Sailwave
  • Ability to sort on 3 Columns
  • Ability to Create and sort on last 4 or 3 digits of sail number
  • Can sort on Lastname (HelmNameRev) when Sailwave format is "Firstname Lastname"
  • Highlights in Bold any duplicate sail numbers full and shortened
  • Ability to add Headings on changes of Sort key
  • Adds Count to Headings
  • Can produce page breaks and adds column headers for multiple pages
  • Only temporarily opens file in read only mode so can be used in Multiuser situations
  • Sorts Gold Silver Bronze in correct order ( not alphabetical ) Also Yellow Blue Red and Green

So what does it produce? Below is a sample of the output:

Some of the Key Features are:-

  • Designed to be extremely easy to use and very fast
  • When you run the program it it automatically reads the last file opened with Sailwave
  • Displays the Event, Venue and Title
  • Counts and displays the Number of competitors
  • Learns the columns used within Sailwave and the properties of these.
  • Uses the same Styles as used by Sailwave with optional Default Plus Overide..
  • Can be sorted on 3 columns

Normally it will automatically load the last file used by Sailwave however if you wish to use a different file:-
  • The Dropdown box is populated with the last 20 files used by Sailwave
  • The Browse allows you to open any Sailwave .blw file
  • Reload allows the file to be reload if it changes (You are warned with the option to reload if the file file has changed since you loaded when you Click Publish)
You can create a page break when ever the 1st sort field changes.
examples would be starting a new page for each flight e.g. Gold Silver Bronze
or starting a new page for each Fleet e.g. Techno RSX Raceboard Formula
It has the ability to break the output into pages with the headings repeated on the top of each page.  This is not an exact science as it will depend upon many factors such as the styles and the magnification of your browser.  You can adjust the number of lines per page the default of 40 can be increased or decreased if needed.  This is a trial and error role but is very quick to do.

Sorting on Reversed names
Version 1.1 adds the ability to sort on Reversed helmname.  So if you like to use the more friendly/informal format of Firstname Lastname this version will allow you to produce lists in Lastname order but still display them in FirstName Lastname order.  This works by detecting the space in the name.  Just be careful if you have dual First names such as Mary Ann Smith.  In this case enter this as Mary-Ann Smith or Mary_Ann Smith
There are 4 buttons which I intend to use for preset functions such as Tally Lists etc.  Please let me have your ideas

You can download the Program from


The program consists of a single file - SWCList.exe

Download and extract it from the zip to a location on the same drive as Sailwave is installed.  I suggest you put them in the "C:\Program Files\Sailwave directory"
You may also want to create a shortcut to the SWCList.exe  file to make it easy to run.

Then just double click the exe or your shortcut.

Any Problems or Feedback please email me



30-August-2010 V1.1

  • Added ability to sort on Reverse Helm Name so if Sailwave HelmName format is FirstName Lastname the list is produced in order of Lastname although it prints in the more friendly informal format of Firstname Lastname
  • Fixed bug printing last entry in  Sailwave file as a duplicate sailno.
  • Fixed overide of Style
  • Changed Style overide to be Default Plus in place of Blue Blocks
  • A few cosmetic improvements
  • Added Icon
  • Fixed crash when the last Sailwave file had been renamed or deleted
22-April-2013 V1.1.4

  • Support for Sailwave 2.8.5 with additional fields such as alternative sail number
  • Recommend you use 2.9.7 or later of sailwave as this fixes so bugs in Sailwave - This version is an update on the one shipped with 2.9.7
  • Ability to specify which Columns are published - Use the Columns to publish button
  • Can create a csv file or html

See also the Prize List for Sailwave application details Here