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The Dental Practise

I have been running our up-to-the minute private dental surgery since July, 2005 at 74 Bolyai János Street, Szombathely, Hungary.
The dental surgery is a new establishment and it is in one of Szombathely's quiet leafy central suburban residental areas. It is very easily accessible and the parking facilities are good. There is a shopping centre nearby and the area is well served with every amenity.


Profile of your dental surgeon - Dr. Imre Erményi: I am qualified both as a doctor and a dentist, and have specialist certification in oral and maxillo-facial surgery, recognised for consultant practise throughout the EU.

I was born in Szombathely, Hungary in 1967. I attended the local grammar school, named after our famous king, Louis the Great. I qualified as a doctor at Pécs University Medical School in 1992 and began specialist training as an oral surgeon in the same year. In addition to a career in maxillofacial surgery, I have continued to practise as a dentist and oral surgeon. 

Our services

Our fully equiped and modern facilities are usually available by appointment, but in case of emergency we provide immediate medical services.

Our services:
Preserving treatments - aesthetic fillings, inlays
Endodontics – root canal treatments
Oral hygien treatment, ultrasonic and manual scaling, treating gum diseases
Overall prosthetic restoration – fixed and removable dental prostheses
Whitening and cosmetic dentistry, dental jewels
Dental surgery, implantation

You can get detailed information about our medical services, the schedule of applied services and the types of dental prostheses while consulting or making out a treatment schedule. For pre-consultation inquiries we are pleased to answer your e-mails; if you send us a digital copy of your orthopantomogram (mouth X-rays), we will be happy to advise about possible treatments.

Most procedures can be carried out at a single visit. Some – for example, fastening a fixed dental prosthesis, need repeat visits over a weeka . More visits are sometimes required where additional treatments are needed (e.g.combined prosthesis, root canal treatment, gingivitis treatment). Please contact us for details.

Treatments and methods applied in our practice are according to the most up-to-the minute scientic knowledge and meet the latest standards. The applied raw materials, medicine and equipment are made by world-famous multinational companies and use the most modern technology.

Besides the advantages mentioned above, our fees are only a quarter or one-fifth of the usual Western-European dentists' fees and the waiting time is much shorter as well.
We are most pleased to offer you our medical services. Using them you may even save 75-80% off – including the expenses of travelling and accommodation and between two sessions you can have the opportunity to relax, enjoy yourself, go on outings and get to know the west of Hungary.
Should you need help, we will be pleased to give you a hand with arranging your travel and accommodation. We can also give local tourist advice! 


The address: Bolyai Dental Kft., Bolyai János u. 74., Szombathely, H-9700, Hungary

GPS coordinates:

N: 47,23966° E: 16,60836°,16.6061743,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x476eb9a3f0fcfd55:0x94571247b518ef11!8m2!3d47.239483!4d16.608363?hl=hu

Telephone/fax: 00 36 94 315 044

Mobil phone: + 36 30 235 6935


Skype: ermenyidr

Price list and Guarantee:

Dear prospective Patient,
This pricelist is provided as a general guide only. We would like to point at that we are able to quote a final price only after making out a treatment schedule After your initial consultation, which would normally involve a full examination and an X-ray.

The initial consultation and assessment of your dental status are FREE.

Payment is in cash (EUR or GBP).

Treatment starts only after a full explanation. When you are happy with the proposed treatment plan, you will be asked to sign a consent form and treatment schedule.
During the sessions, we may need to modify the treatment due to unforeseen circumstances. This may influence the treatment duration and final cost – this will be discussed fully with you.

Dental prostheses are guaranteed subject to:

  • Reasonable use
  • Following your doctor's recommendations
  • Regular check-up once a year
  • Keeping to your doctor's oral hygien recommendations
  • The guarantee becomes invalid if further work is undertaken by another dental practise without our agreement. We cannot guarantee the work of other dental surgeons!
  • Only dental prostheses are under guarantee!