Erik Wengström

Department of Economics, Lund University, Sweden

Distinguished Senior Fellow
Hanken School of Economics / Helsinki Graduate School of Economics, Finland


  • "Monetary incentives increase COVID-19 vaccinations," (with Pol Campos-Mercade, Armando Meier, Florian Schneider, Stephan Meier and Devin Pope) [Paper] forthcoming Science

  • See the pre-analysis plan."Anticipation of COVID-19 Vaccines Reduces Social Distancing" (with Ola Andersson, Pol Campos-Mercade and Armando Meier) [Paper] [Summary: Twitter thread], forthcoming Journal of Health Economics

  • "The Impact of Stay-at-home Policies on Individual Welfare" (with Ola Andersson, Pol Campos-Mercade, Fredrik Carlsson and Florian Schneider), Working Papers 2020:9, Lund University, Department of Economics. [Abstract & full text], forthcoming Scandinavian Journal of Economics

  • "Parameterizing standard measures of income and health inequality using choice experiments" (with Hjördis Hardardottir and Ulf Gerdtham) [Paper], forthcoming Health Economics

  • "Differences attract: an experimental study of focusing in economic choice" (with Ola Andersson and Jim Ingebretsen Carlson), forthcoming in Economic Journal [Paper]

  • "Economic Preferences and Personality Traits Among Finance Professionals and the General Population" (with Martin Holmén, Felix Holzmeister, Michael Kirchler and Matthias Stefan) Working Papers 2021-03, Faculty of Economics and Statistics, University of Innsbruck [Paper]

  • "Prosociality predicts health behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic" (with Pol Campos-Mercade, Armando Meier and Florian Schneider) published in Journal of Public Economics, Volume 195, March 2021 [Paper] [Summary: Twitter thread]

  • "Robust Inference in Risk Elicitation Tasks" (with Ola Andersson, Håkan J. Holm and Jean-Robert Tyran), published in Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, Volume 61(3): 195-209, December 2020 [Paper]

Short bio:

I am a Professor of Economics at Lund University and a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Hanken School of Economics / Helsinki Graduate School of Economics. I received my Ph.D. from Lund University, and after that, I worked at the University of Copenhagen before returning to Lund . My research focuses primarily on how people behave in economic and financial contexts and has spanned a broad range of topics including decision-making under risk, cooperation, and communication in games. In my current research projects, I investigate attention and focus effects in economic choice and address the question of why people delegate financial decisions to professionals. I serve an associate editor of the Scandinavian Journal of Economics. I am also a member of the RISLab team and the Copenhagen Network of Experimental Economists and a research fellow at the Vienna Center for Experimental Economics.

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