Erick Gomez-Nieto was born in Arequipa-Peru (1985).  He obtained a B.Sc degree in Informatics Engineering (Computer Science) from San Pablo Catholic University (UCSP), Arequipa/Peru. He holds PhD (2017) and M.Sc (2012) degrees in Computer Science from the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science (ICMC) - University of São Paulo (USP) , São Carlos/SP, Brazil (advisor: Luis Gustavo Nonato). From August (2012) to July (2013), was lecturer/researcher at UCSP. From April (2016) to January (2017) worked as researcher intern at IBM Research - BRL. Currently, he joined to School of Computer Science at UCSP as assistant professorHis research interests are in data visualization, visual analytics, and computer graphics.

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   Awards and Honors:
  • 2017: Best PhD Dissertation Award in Computer Graphics/Visualization at 30th Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images.
  • 2016: Notable Scientific Research Award (PEIC) at San Pablo Catholic University (UCSP)
  • 2015: Doctoral Colloquium acceptance at IEEE VIS '16.
  • 2014: Notable Scientific Research Award at San Pablo Catholic University (UCSP).
  • 2013: Best Paper Award in Graphics and Visualization Category for "Mixed Integer Optimization for Layout Arrangement". XXVI SIBGRAPI: Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images.
  • 2011: Best Papers Award in Computer Graphics Category for "Projection based Image Retrieval from Class-Specific Metrics". XXIV SIBGRAPI: Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images.
Contact Information:
Universidad Católica San Pablo
Research and Innovation Center in Computer Science (RICS) 
Campus San Lázaro - Quinta Vivanco s/n
Urb. Campiña Paisajista, Arequipa, Peru


+51 54 605630 ext. 692
   erick.gomez AT ucsp.pe   ||   emgomez AT ucsp.pe  ||  e.m.gomeznieto