Erich A. Müller

"unofficial" web page

I welcome you to my unofficial web page. I have placed here a series of contents which due to space limitations or unorthodox context do not fit in my college web page.

Media Coverage

Exerpts from an interview "A thermodynamic personality" can be found here. Also, I made first page of the Guardian ( a national U.K. newspaper) on January 2006. Find out why.

And yes, I am the one you saw in the 2010 Wimbledon finals.

Popular Science

I have an ongoing passion for the scientific description of common and uncommon phenomena. You can click here to see webpages on how to make ice cream with a fire extinguisher; how to boil water in a paper cup or with cold water; etc.

Erich Muller - CO2 Sorbet

It's all for now....

Erich A. Müller is a Professor of Thermodynamics at Imperial College London