Erdenebat Bataa is an Academic Associate at the National Research and Consulting Center (NRCC)

Previously he held administrative, research and teaching positions at the National University of Mongolia (NUM, 2010-2022), Korea University (2015-2016), ERINA (2018-2019), Lancaster University (2009-2010), and the University of Manchester (2007-2009). 

Erden holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Manchester. Among his publications is the first time-series econometrics textbook in Mongolian and scholarly articles published in internationally recognized journals, such as The Review of Economics and Statistics and Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics. 

He has been running "Economists' corner", a non-partisan blog and a Facebook page on Mongolian economy, economic policy, society, and institutional reform within a broad historical and international context since 2009. He also runs a YouTube channel on econometrics and economic issues relevant to Mongolia.