Research interests:

Broadly speaking I am interested in both theoretical and applied aspects of Computer Science. The general area in which I am interested is Formal Methods and Foundations of Software Engineering and Languages. I study and use different mathematical techniques and theories, specially process algebras, to support the design and analysis of software systems. I am interested in the design, implementation and theory of programming and modelling languages with special emphasis on formal semantics to support design and analysis. Currently the main targets of this research are concurrent, real-time and distributed systems.

The core of my Ph.D. thesis concerned the development, the theory, implementation and application of a language (kiltera) for modelling real-time, discrete-event systems which may undergo structural changes at run-time. 

I am also interested in topics related to the above. On the applied side I am interested in topics such as language design and implementation, Model Driven Engineering, formal verification and software architectures. On the theory side I am interested on the mathematical foundations of Semantics, including Algebra, Order Theory, Logic and Category Theory.

Projects: Some of the projects in which I am involved, as of November 2012, are described here.

Publications: A list of my publications can be found here.

Software: Software which I have developed, or continue to develop, can be found here.