Scottish Episcopal Church History

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This website is also available in book form, "Steps on the Way", though please note the chronological story in the print version ends at a specific time - currently April 2020, while this online edition continues to be updated.

The cost of the book is £6 (post free) and all the money goes to "For the Right Reasons", a charity offering friendship and support to those emerging from drug or alcohol problems.

To order a copy of the book please contact "For the Right Reasons" by telephone at 07717457247.

The concept of this history book and website was developed for the Aberdeen and Orkney Diocesan Conference at Banchory in Autumn 2012, and has grown considerably since then.

Further Reading

These books are among those which provide a detailed history of the story of the Scottish Episcopal Church. They are listed alphabetically by the author's name.

Scottish Episcopal Clergy 1689-2000 – David Bertie (published by T & T Clark 2000)

Scotland: Church and Nation through Sixteen Centuries – Gordon Donaldson (published by the SCM press 1960)

The Episcopal Church in Scotland – Frederick Goldie (published by the St Andrews Press 1951 and 1976)

Episcopal Scotland in the 19th Century – Marion Lochhead (published by John Murray 1966)

First among Equals – Bishops who have held the Office of Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church 1704 to 2012– Edward Luscombe and Stuart Donald (published by Meadowside Publications Dundee 2012)

Bishops of Brechin 1689-2010 – Edward Luscombe (published privately 2010)

Steps to Freedom - Edward Luscombe (published by the General Synod 2004)

The Scottish Episcopal Church in the 20thCentury – Edward Luscombe (published by the General Synod 1996)

Matthew Luscombe – Missionary Bishop in Europe of the Scottish Episcopal Church – Edward Luscombe (published by the General Synod 1992)

The Episcopal Church’s Scottish Heritage – Martin Reith (published by the Company of the Servants of God 1984)

A Church for Scotlandthe history of the Scottish Episcopal Church - Gerald Stranraer-Mull (published by the General Synod 2000, updated editions in 2006 and 2012)

Steps on the Way - Gerald Stranraer-Mull (published by For the Right Reasons 2013 (updated editions 2018 and 2020)

Episcopalianism in 19th Century Scotland - Rowan Strong (published Oxford University Press” 2002)

The Scottish Episcopal Church – a new history - Gavin White (published by the General Synod 1998)


Bishop Luscombe and Stuart Donald have also written individual short histories of almost every Church in the Diocese of Brechin, as well as biographies of notable people in the story of the Church, the latest being "Thomas Rattray, Scholar and Liturgist" and the story of Robert Lyon, the only Episcopalian priest to be executed after the failure of the 1745 Rising. All these books are published privately.