About the EPA

The Electric Powered Aeromodelers is an electric-only radio controlled model airplane club. The Electric Powered Aeromodelers is an Academy of Model Aeronautics District II chartered club. The club was founded in the winter of 2001 with 27 active flyers. The membership has grown to 65 at present. We advocate all forms of electric R/C flying including slow flyers, ducted fans, sailplanes and foamies. We don't let the winter weather scare us either, with electric powered aircraft we can fly in the middle of the winter without any problems.

We also have a FPV racing club as a companion organization to the EPA - Full Tilt FPV Racing.  All skill levels welcome - visit the site for details! 

Find out more about our club, attend a club meeting! Club meetings are held at the Empire Aerosciences Museum classroom on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM. Our club flying field is located at Maalwyck Park just west of Scotia off Route 5. Members are also permitted to fly slow flyers in front of the museum.  New members and visitors are always welcome, feel free to stop by any of our meetings or contact any of the individuals listed on the page.

EPA Flight Schedule:

Sunday - 10am / Maalwyck Park for Flying and Flight Instruction
Tuesday 12:00 Noon Club Flying at Maalwyck Park
Thursday 5pm Club Flying at Gifford Field

January 16th meeting is canceled due to weather.

Next club meeting is February 13, 2024, 7:00pm at ESAM in Glenville. 

Bring Swap Shop and Show & Tell items as usual!!