The Environment Ontology

EnvO is a community ontology for the concise, controlled description of environments

ENVO is an expressive, community ontology which helps humans, machines, and semantic web applications understand environmental entities of all kinds, from microscopic to intergalactic scales. As a FAIR-compliant resource, it promotes interoperability through the concise, controlled description of all things environmental.

For further reading, please see:

Buttigieg PL, Pafilis E, Lewis SE, Schildhauer MP, Walls RL, & Mungall CJ (2016) The environment ontology in 2016: bridging domains with increased scope, semantic density, and interoperation. J Biomed Semant, 7(1), 57.


Buttigieg PL, Morrison N, Smith B, Mungall CJ, & Lewis SE (2013) The environment ontology: contextualising biological and biomedical entities. J Biomed Semant, 4(1), 43.

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