About me

I am a Research Economist at the European Commission - Joint Research Centre, Competence Centre on Microeconomic Evaluation (CC-ME). I am also a Fellow of the Global Labour Organisation.

Before joining the European Commission, I was a visiting scholar and lecturer at the Economics Department of Boston University.

To know more about the activities of my team have a look at: Yearbook 2016-2017 with the main activities

Contact me:

Email: enkelejda.havari@ec.europa.eu enkelejda.havari@gmail.com

My profiles: Google Scholar, Ideas Repec, Linkedin


Once upon a time there was an Illyrian tribe living on the shores of the lake Ohrid. They were known as the "Enkelejt".

In the Financial Times service "The future of economics"

Latest news:

  • Seminar at LISER -Luxembourg on May 7, 2019 (invited)
  • I have been awarded the Visitinps Scholar fellowship (type B) to work with the Italian Social Security data.
  • I presented the paper "Intergenerational transmission of education in Europe. Evidence from the World War II cohorts" at the ASSA Annual Conference, Atlanta, Georgia (US), January 4-6, 2019