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Community District Leadership Project

This is a pilot project by Mapping Bangladesh to promote expert mappers from 64 Districts to represent our community to local mappers in their respective districts. This is a community initiative only, so DLs are not getting any extra moderation power on Map Maker (like RERs).

Being a Community District Leader would comprise of the following duties:
  • Contribute to base maps for your designated district and engage with local mappers through comments in their edits, responses on our forum, Facebook group, blog etc.
  • Bring co-ordination between all other mappers in your district and discuss with them how to make mapping better.
  • Solve any questions they may have regarding mapping. For that, you have to be an expert mapper yourself at first and be acquainted with Map Maker policies and conventions followed in Bangladesh. If you are not, State Leader will always be there to address your queries and help you.
  • New/amateur mappers can apply and may be considered for DL position as well. To become an expert, as mentioned in point no. 3, you have to be in constant connection with your SL (State Leader), an RER, by e-mail or by any other means that your SL chooses. He will act as your DL-Guide and will teach you all about mapping by answering most of your mapping related questions. You can e-mail your SL anytime for any mapping confusion/queries, he will instruct you how to proceed.
  • (Optional) You are expected to put the effort of hosting at least 1 MapUp event in your district. It is best if the MapUp is hosted in a university campus.
  • Mappers who are organized and are capable of organizing mappers in their districts (not to mention are expert and regular) will be prioritized.
  • Amateur mappers may or may not be selected as a District Leader (DL) depending upon committees' decision on whether the mapper can be made an expert through proper guidelines.
Benefits enjoyed by District Leaders (DLs):
  • District Leaders enjoy 100% efforts, help and guidelines from the community when attempting to host a MapUp in their neighborhood.
  • They are assigned a "D" badge on the forum and enjoy some other facilities (e.g. add members, take topic etc.)
  • Their edits will be highly prioritized on our review request spreadsheet.
  • They are eligible to apply for a Photo ID from the community.
  • They can remain in constant contact with Google Map Maker RERs.


Revocation of district leadership is possible when:
  • There is a lack of response/activity from the DL.
  • A District Leader (DL) is selected for 1 year to carry out his responsibilities. He can leave the position at any time since it is a voluntary activity, but has to give due notice to his State Leader (SL) or an executive manager.

The most important point of being DL in Mapping Bangladesh - is to be active on Map Maker regularly because you will be representing Mapping Bangladesh community in your district. You have respond promptly to comments left on your Map Maker edits by RERs/SLs/mappers and respond to e-mails from your SL. If you will not be responsive, your District Leadership may be revoked. You have to follow the instructions given to you by SLs and impart the gained knowledge to local mappers in your mapping/reviews.

District Leadership status will be valid for 12 months. We will closely observe the quality (not quantity) of your edits and activities (how you answer questions and help mappers in the forum, blog, Facebook group, Map Maker comments etc.). Also, you will be required to report to your SL by 1-5th of every month on your past month's activity and missing 3 reports may result in revocation of your District Leadership.

This project is a community initiative, so DLs will not enjoy any benefit outside the community and it will not give them any extra power on Google Map Maker or Google Maps.

This is Mapping Bangladesh Community's own project and is not, in any way, endorsed by Google Inc.