Jewelry must be in our blood. I think that it all started with my grandmother. She was raised in the diamond fields of Kimberley, South Africa before there were any wooden buildings. I guess that must have been 1870's or 80's.  They lived in tents.  After her fifteenth birthday she took passage in a clipper ship bound for Europe.  She married and immigrated to the USA.  The year was 1906.  
      In 1971 my brother purchased Ocino which was a fine jewelry store in the financial district in New York City, one block parallel to Wall Street. 
      English Associates was started in 1972.  Jeff met Ralph Destino, the wholesale president for Cartier Fine jewelry, and was hired to be the wholesale showroom manager in New York City. Mr. Destino became Jeff's jewelry mentor and later gave Jeff  his first sales territory for Cartier in Upstate New York.  Ralph Destino moved Dolores and Jeff  to Atlanta and gave Jeff the Southeast territory of five states.
     After several years with Cartier, Jeff and Dolores moved to Dallas for Citra Trading Inc.  Citra was the largest importer of Italian gold jewelry in the united States, one of the largest diamond dealers in New York and this country, and one of the world's largest pearl dealers.  Jeff represented all three divisions and directed his full attention to the best jewelers in the Southwest.
     Currently Dolores and Jeff design, import, and manufacture fine diamond and precious stone jewelry.  They also visit central China and buy the finest pearls directly from pearl farmers.  These strands are shipped to their office, and they design and produces fabulous jewelry for jewelry stores throughout the Southwest.
     English Associates strives to create the finest quality jewelry.  We only use the very best metals and superb gemstones and diamonds to create our unique designs.  We enjoy a large collection of loose gemstones, and each is selected for the finest color and cut. 
      Twenty years ago English Associates added fine antique and estate jewelry department to their mix. 
      Our goal is to offer the best customer service, excellent price, and a wonderful unique product. 
Please visit our showroom at the Dallas World Trade Center and see our complete collections or call 214-638-1583 for an appointment. We are also on facebook.