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0.50 February 12, 2019 Added option in structural holes procedure to allow user to automatically add a tie from alter to ego. This is useful when the ties among the alters are directed. 
0.49 October 4, 2018 Fixed bug in Structural Holes routine. In certain datasets, it was unable to find any ties among alters. 
0.48 September 8, 2018 This version re-enables visualization 
0.47 September 6, 2018 Changed installer to include correct version of midas.dll file. This should eliminate crashes that users were experiencing. 
0.45 May 13, 2018 Just a new build of version .44 
0.44 May 13, 2018 Fixed bug preventing program from reading Excel files in which strength of tie among pairs of alters was given in words rather than numbers 
0.43 March 25, 2018 Fixed bugs in reading columnwise (wide) formatted data 
0.42 March 13, 2018 Fixed bug in reading vna files.  
0.41 September 29, 2012 Fixed bug in columnwise import that was causing alter-alters to be ignored. 
0.40 July 26, 2012 Fixed systemic bug that was causing data in columnwise format to be read incorrectly under some circumstances. Difficult to be specific. Hopefully all better now. 
0.39 July 23, 2012 Fixed problem with columnwise import. If you chose the <text><alternum><varname> format for your alter variables, it was crashing on reading your alter-alter variables 
0.036 June 28, 2012 Fixed bug in importing columnwise data which was only keeping one tie between alters. Also fixed 'transfer measures to ego tab' procedure which was taking forever to complete. 
0.035 June 21, 2012 Fixed bug in importing columnwise data. Was giving error message when an ego had more than 9 alters. 
0.032 December 15, 2011 Fixed bug in installer program that was using the wrong folder as the default place to install the program 
Showing 14 items