Emotion GaRage:

A Workshop on In-Car Emotion Recognition and Regulation


In-car emotion detection and regulation have become an emerging and important branch of research within the automotive domain. Different emotional states can greatly influence human driving performance and user experience both in manual and automated driving conditions. The monitoring and regulation of relevant emotional states is therefore important to avoid critical driving scenarios with the human driver being in charge, and to ensure comfort and acceptance in autonomous driving. In this workshop we want to discuss the empathic user interface research to address challenges and opportunities and to reveal new research directions for future work. This workshop provides a forum for exchange and discussion on empathic user interfaces, including methods for emotion recognition and regulation, empathic automotive human-machine interaction design, user evaluation and measurements, and subsequent improvement of autonomous driving experience.

Goal summary

· 30min: Introduction - connect researchers with the common interest of emotion recognition and regulation

· 30min: WHY is the topic important? - collect relevant use cases, critical scenarios and emotions important to recognize

· 45min: WHAT are we working on? – insight into the current State-of-the-Art

· 1h: HOW are we solving the problem? – which sensors to measure emotions with, and collect ideas for countermeasures

· 1h: WHAT IF this would become reality? – collect research questions and how to tackle them; further interesting questions to ask; advertisement videos as a summary for other AutoUI participants to further establish the community on emotional automotive research.