Fall 2018

Organized by the algebra & number theory group.

The seminar usually meets Tuesdays at 4pm in MSC W301, but there are many exceptions.

 Date Day  Speaker  Title  Notes
 1        9/4 
 Tue   Ken Ono (Emory)
Riemann hypothesis and Random Matrix Theorems 
 9/11 Madeline Locus Dawsey (Emory) Moonshine for Finite Groups
 3 9/18   Philipp Jell (Georgia Tech) Signed tropicalization of semialgebraic sets 
 4 9/25  Renee Bell (UPenn) Local-to-Global Extensions for Wildly Ramified Covers of Curves 
 5 10/2  Jiuya Wang (Duke University) Inductive Methods for Counting Number Fields 
 6 10/9  No Seminar  Fall Break
 7 10/16  Eva Bayer Fluckinger (EPFL)  On a question of Gross and McMullen 
 8 10/23  Athens-Atlanta joint number theory seminar  
    Bianca Viray (Washington)  On the level of modular curves that give rise to sporadic j-invariants 4pm
    Larry Rolen (Vanderbilt) Locally harmonic Maass forms and central $L$-values 5:15
 9 10/30  Anne Quéguiner-Mathieu (Paris) Motivic equivalence for classical algebraic groups and critical varieties 
 10 11/6  No Seminar     Election Day
 11 11/13  Yoav Len (Georgia Tech) Tropical dual varieties 
 12 11/20  No Seminar  Thanksgiving
 13 11/27  Natalie Paquette (Caltech) A Borcherds-Kac-Moody Superalgebra with Conway symmetry 
 14 12/4  Bruce Reznick (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Equal sums of two cubes of quadratic forms: an apology 
 15 12/11  Robert Lemke Oliver (Tufts)  

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