Spring 2018

Organized by the algebra & number theory group.

The seminar usually meets Tuesdays at 4pm in MSC W304, but there are many exceptions.

 Date Day  Speaker  Title  Notes
 1        1/16 
 2 1/23 Tue Nikon Kurnosov (UGA)Cohomology of hyperkahler manifolds
 3 1/30 Tue Jackson Morrow (Emory) Irrational points on random hyperelliptic curves 
 4 2/6 Tue Ken Ono (Emory) The Riemann Hypothesis 
 5 2/13     Tue Uriya First (University of Haifa) Brauer classes supporting an involution 
 6 2/20 Tue Athens-Atlanta Number Theory Seminar  @UGA
    David Harbater (University of Pennsylvania)  4pm
    Jacob Tsimerman (U. Toronto)  5:15
  2/23-25 Fri-Sun Georgia Algebraic Geometry Symposium  @GaTech
 7 2/27 Tue Jordan Ellenberg (UW Madison)  Counting points, counting fields, and heights on stacks  Colloquium, W303
 8 3/6 Tue   
 9 3/13 Tue No Seminar  Spring Break
 10 3/20 Tue   
 11 3/27 Tue Nathan Kaplan (UC Irvine)Counting Problems for Elliptic Curves over a Fixed Finite Field 
 12 4/3 Tue Jennifer Berg (Rice) Odd order transcendental obstructions to the Hasse principle on general K3 surfaces 
 13 4/10 Tue   
  4/12 Th K. Soundararajan (Stanford) Primes fall for the gambler's fallacy Colloquium, W301
 14 4/17 Tue Brandon Williams (Berkeley) Vector-valued Hirzebruch-Zagier series and class number sums 
 15 4/24 Tue Frank Thorne (South Carolina) Lattice Point Counting and Arithmetic Statistics 
 16 4/30 Tue 

  Last day of classes

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