Fall 2017

Organized by the algebra & number theory group.

The seminar usually meets Tuesdays at 4pm in MSC W306, but there are many exceptions.

 Date Day  Speaker  Title  Notes
 1        8/29

 Tue   Jorge Jimenez Urroz (U. Politecnica, Catalunya)

 Spectrum of singularities, exponential sums and the irreducibility of polynomials in two variables 
 2 9/5         Tue No seminar
 3 9/14 Thu Adam Chapman (Tel-Hai College, Israel) Linked Fields of Characteristic 2 and their u-Invariant Date change for Irma
 4 9/21  Thu Martin Raum (Chalmers Technical University in Gothenburg, Sweden)

 Unifying relaxed notions of modular forms Thursday

 9/26   Tue Juan Villeta-Garcia (Emory U.) Stabilizing Spectral Functors of Exact Categories 

 10/3 Tue Preston Wake (UCLA)  The rank of the Eisenstein ideal 

 10/10   Tue No seminar  Fall break

 10/17 Tue Larry Rolen (Trinity College Dublin and Georgia Tech)
 Jensen--Pólya Criterion for the Riemann Hypothesis and Related Problems 
  10/20 Fri Manjul Bhargava (Princeton U.)

 The density of squarefree values taken by a polynomial Colloquium, Friday
 9 10/24 Tue Theo Johnson-Freyd (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics)

 576 Fermions 16:00 to 17:00
  10/24  Tue Philippe Gille (CNRS, Lyon)

 Survey on recent results on maximal tori of algebraic groups 17:00 to 18:00
 10 10/30 Mon

 Athens-Atlanta Number Theory Seminar: Bjorn Poonen (MIT) TBA 16:05, GA Tech Skiles 005, Monday
  10/30   Mon Athens-Atlanta Number Theory Seminar: Spencer Bloch (U. Chicago)

 TBA 17:15, GA Tech Skiles 005, Monday
 11 11/7 Tue

 Kimball Martin (U. Oklahoma) Congruences from quaternion algebras 
 12 11/14 Tue

 Kirsten Wickelgren (Georgia Tech) An arithmetic count of the lines on a cubic surface 
 13 11/21 Tue

 No seminar  Week of Thanksgiving
 14 11/28

 15 12/5 Tue Bastian Hasse (Emory U.) TBA Last day of classes

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