Emmanuelle Volle, MD, PhD



+(33) 1 57 27 41 58

Current position: researcher

Neurologist and INSERM researcher at the Paris Brain Institute (ICM), Salpétrière hospital, Paris, France.

Research field: cognitive neurosciences

I work as a Principal Investigator (PI) in the FrontLab team, which aims to study the functions and dysfunction of frontal systems. The Frontlab is leaded by Profs. Richard Levy and Bruno Dubois and is part of the ICM neurocognitive research activity and is an FRM team 2015-2018.

My current research is focused on the brain networks subserving human behavioral adaptation to complex or novel situations, such as creativity, reasoning, problem-solving.

To this aim, I use a variety of cognitive neuroscience methods, combining experimental psychology with neuroimaging approaches, such as functional imaging and functional connectivity, anatomical connectivity using diffusion weighted imaging, human neuropsychology and lesion studies, voxel-based morphometry, and more recently with brain electrostimulation (transcranial magnetique stimulation, direct intracranial stimulation) and electrophysiology.

I participate in the Society for the Neuroscience of Creativity as an ExCo member.