Custom Etched Granite from your photos!

Welcome to Emily's Etching

Looking for a "One of a Kind" piece of artwork? You have come to the right place!

Your photos will be etched into stone forever!

It takes a special eye and the experience with etching stone

that you will not find anywhere else in Maine!

The attention to detail is the best in the business!

Every photograph is carefully inspected by Emily's trained eye.

Your etching isn't limited to just one photo. A collage of photos can be made.

With extensive knowledge of photoshop you will be amazed with the stunning photographic results. There are many examples of recent etchings on the Samples page, along with different ideas.

You don't have a photo? Emily is also a photographer and has endless photos to choose from.

So really all you need is an idea!

A Beautiful Bench made with a collage of photos made

into one large photo of all the important things in ones life!

Three tiles designed with more than 15 different photos!

Each piece is a "one of a kind" because it is made with photos you have chosen and possibly taken!

Backsplashes, cutting boards, garden stones,

pet markers, and wedding gifts, just to name a few!

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