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I work as an economist at the Regional Analysis Division in the Structural Economic Analysis Directorate of the Bank of Italy. Before I was a PhD student at the University of Essex (United Kingdom), until I graduated in July 2013, and then I worked at the regional economic research division at the Firenze branch of the Bank of Italy.

Here you can find my research papers, plus additional material related to empirical work:

See here for contacts. I am also a member of the Centre for the Analysis of Public Policies in Modena.

"Only the chemist can tell, and not always the chemist, / what will result from compounding /
Fluids or solids. / And who can tell / How men and women will interact /
On each other, or what children will result? /
There were Benjamin Pantier and his wife, /
Good in themselves, but evil toward each other: / He oxygen, she hydrogen, / Their son, a devastating fire.
I Trainor, the druggist, a mixer of chemicals, / Killed while making an experiment, / Lived unwedded."
"gnént, mo va là, u n s sint gnént l'istèss, però
che roba, sint che roba, a stè zétt tott."
Raffaello Baldini, Intercity, Einaudi, Torino, 2003.

"Quando ero bambino mi accorsi che non avevo la linea della fortuna sulla mano. Così presi il rasoio di mio padre e zac! Me ne feci una come volevo."
Corto Maltese (Hugo Pratt), Una ballata del mare salato