Kristianpoller Family

Dedicated To Our

Beloved Father and Grandfather

Prof. Nahum Kristianpoller

עוד ינובון בשיבה דשנים ורעננים יהיו

In Memory of Our Grandfather

Rabbi Dr. Alexander Kristianpoller


This page describes the Kristianpoller family, starting at the of the 18th century in Krystynopol, Brody and Lvov - Galicia.

My life story - קורות חיי

Rabbi Dr. Alexander Kristianpoller Ancestors

Family Tree Report

Family Outline Tree

The Roots of the Kristianpoller and the Biegeleisen Families


Kristianpoller families that are not related (or the relationship is not clear)





    Un Broken Chain - Dr. N. Rosenstein

    מאורי גליציה - מ. וונדר



    To my father Nahum Kristianpoller who initiate this genealogy project at 1995.  



    Prof. N. Kristianpoller website


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Last update: December 25, 2009